The BARIUM team have been on some research expeditions to collect samples for the project…


Research associate Adam Cooper took part in a Norwegian funded cruise N-ICE2015, with colleagues from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

N-ICE2015 is a Norwegian-led international program to investigate the effects of the new thin, first year, sea ice regime in the Arctic on energy flux, ice dynamics and the ice associated ecosystem, and local and global climate. The project involved drifting in an ice-strengthened ship with the sea-ice for several months making observations of the sea-ice, seawater, and atmosphere, and measuring a range of physical, chemical and biological properties. The University of Bristol’s contribution is through the analysis of dissolved barium in seawater and sea-ice, led by Kate and Kim, in order to trace freshwater inputs in the Arctic.


Kate and Steph went on the TROPICS cruise to the Equatorial Atlantic…

Photo by Allison Jacobel

Photo by Allison Jacobel


Kim and Mike went on a Scotia Sea cruise (DIMES project).  See their film “A Drop in the Southern Ocean” here!


We have samples collected during the 2011-2012 Palmer Long Term Ecological Research cruise (PAL-LTER) to the West Antarctic Peninsula…

West Antarctic Peninsula

West Antarctic Peninsula


… and from the British Antarctic Survey Rothera Oceanographic and Biological Time Series (RaTS site)…

RaTS site, near Rothera

RaTS site, near Rothera


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